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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The In-Between Time

Dear Offspring,
Today is Holy Saturday. We have left behind the drama of Good Friday, but are not yet ready for the celebration of Easter. So we are waiting. I know it seems so much of our life is in these in-between times. We have yet to embrace our new life in Forest, but are constantly surrounded by the reminders that Eupora will soon be our home no longer. I know it is frustrating. I know it is scary. But it is where we are. The important thing is not that we are waiting, but how we wait. We wait together. So we will keep packing (I promise it will not kill you, although I might if you whine about it again!); we will keep cleaning out ( and remember, once it is in the trash bag, it is gone); we will keep struggling with sadness and excitement; and we will wait with all the mixed emotions and anticipation this day deserves. Just remember, we will never wait alone. That is unless I stomp you in the ground because you rolled your eyes at me just one more time.
Your Loving Dad

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